The Church Development Tool: a way of planning together

Take part by 39th November

This year we are running the Church Development Tool survey in St Peter’s.

It’s a quick, anonymous survey that we’re inviting everyone in the church to complete, to help us understand ourselves as a church and shape our prayers and our planning for the year ahead.

The survey will help us answer three questions:

  • What should our focus be?

Your answers will help us decide about what we could be doing more of or less of as a church.

  • How do we like to express our faith and grow our faith in this church?
    Your answers will help us spot our strengths and how we could grow in our faith journey together.
  • What groups of people do we have in our church?
    The survey will also ask you for some demographic information, such as your age group and ethnicity. We ask these questions so that we can check how far the makeup of our church mirrors the makeup of the local community. This will help us check what groups we’re reaching already and where there are opportunities.

What we find out will help us see where we’re doing well, and help us discern areas where God might be calling us to do something new or different.

It’s important that as many people as possible in the church answer the survey, so that we get an accurate picture.

To complete the survey online click here or ask for a paper copy.

Please respond by 30th November

Thank you!