The Need

The Plan

St Peter’s has been used for regular worship, weddings, funerals, baptisms and the comfort of Oadby residents.

Today, the building also hosts music concerts, drama events, children and family events, school visits, parade services for Scouts, Guides, Cubs Brownies and Rainbows and solemn community events like Remembrance Day.

In about 1855, the walls inside St Peter’s were repointed. This old cement pointing is rigid. As the building moves microscopically with the seasons, it is working loose.

Chunks of the old pointing are falling from of the walls. This is messy and potentially dangerous.  We have to rake out all the pointing and replace it as soon as possible.

After much thought and consultation with experts and the local community, we have decided to replaster the walls.

The inside of the building will then be safe again. It will be much lighter and more welcoming and with better acoustics.

The work will take several months.