St Peter's church is closed
but church continues

We’re praying at home, holding worship online, organising care for neighbours especially the most vulnerable. Church is people as well as buildings.
It’s not one or the other: church is both.
People and buildings are intimately connected across time.

Please contact if you need our help.

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Names from the Memorial book

24th November
George Barrington Smith (1928 – 2018)
Gladys Mary Wagg (1917 – 2002)
William John Crane Smith (1946 – 2002)
Alfred Percival James Stebbing (1925 – 2002)
25th November
Tony Poynor (1937 – 2008)
Brian Thomas Thacker (1936 – 2002)
26th November
Vera Joan Marshall (1923 – 1996)
27th November
Norma Johnson (1927 – 1997)
Grahame Arthur Wilford (1921 – 2013)
28th November


St Peter’s church is the oldest building in Oadby, standing since the 14th Century. It provides a focal point for the whole community.
In normal times, the bells are rung regularly to call the faithful to prayer.

Across the road is St Peter’s Centre which is used by many community groups on a regular basis. The Parish Office is also located in the Centre. It provides services and support for all the Anglican churches in the Oadby-Glen Benefice.

St Peter’s is a vibrant church with a warm sense of belonging within the Oadby community of South Leicester.  These pages offer a glimpse of the vitality and depth of spiritual life and service to the people of Oadby and beyond.

May God the Creator bless you.
May God the Son walk with you.
May God the Spirit lead your lives with love.  Amen

If you have a safeguarding concern, then please contact our local Safeguarding Co-ordinator, Mrs Juliet Bewley or Revd Steve Bailey.
Their details are available from the Parish Office (
If you wish to speak to the Diocesan Safeguarding Team, or to someone outside the church, their contact details are available here