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Current Sermon Series on Philippians:

1. Philippians 1. vv1-11 Revd Steve Bailey.

Do you want to be healed?

Rev’d Liz Wilson challenged us to consider the future….
Click here to download the rest of her sermon.

Baptism Promises

During Lent 2019 we looked more deeply into the Baptism Promises:

1 Do you Turn to Christ ? – 10th March, Rev’d Liz Wilson

2 Do you Repent of your sins ? – 17th March, Robert Radford

3 Do you Renounce evil ? – 24th March, The Ven. Richard Worsfold

4 Do you come to Christ, The Way the Truth and the Life ? – 7th April, Sue Sharp

The Trinity:

In October 2018 we had a sermon series about the Trinity.

Download the text of each sermon after it has been given
by clicking the links below:

The Father: –  30th September 2018, Rev’d Liz Wilson

The Son – 14th October 2018, Robert Radford

God the Holy Spirit – 21st October 2018

One God – 28th October 2018